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Full Moon, April 2018

Moon in Scorpio

The April Full Moon this year lands in the sign of Scorpio. The Scorpio Full Moon can be one of the most deeply, personally transforming moons of the year and is the perfect time for letting go of things that no longer serve you. The Full Moon is always a great time to let go of things and awaken things within us, but the Scorpio moon encourages us to do this in a way that is deeply transforming and enlightening.

Scorpio represents the cycle of death, rebirth and love; and the stages of consciousness. At its core, Scorpio energy is the power of unconditional love, but as it comes closer to the surface it can become entwined with ego and greed.
This is a great time to pay close attention to any new insights you might gain and to closely examine your thoughts and feelings. You may feel somewhat introspective about now, its ok to retreat and just be alone with yourself if that is what you feel drawn to do.

Sensitivity is almost a given at the April Full Moon so try to reach out to others with the same love and kindness that you want others to reach out to you with. This full moon is about asking yourself the tough questions that surround love. “What has to die for me to experience unconditional love?” “what do I need to let go of in my life in order to feel the unconditional love that is already with in me?
This Full Moon will give you the chance to look beneath some of the layers of yourself. You can feel who you truly are and maybe get a glimpse at what you are here to achieve. This new awareness will let you start clearing and releasing the baggage that is blocking your life.

Before you start planning that releasing ritual though, realize that this energy is asking you not just to release but to surrender and accept these things. Know at your core that they served a vital purpose in helping you become the person you are. Thank them for their help and let go of all notions of shame or blame that you may have attached to them. Then you will be able to release them with love.

1. What has to die for me to experience unconditional love?
12 of Earth
At this time of the Scorpio full moon maybe it is time to ask yourself “Am I putting aside too much of me?” This card is symbolic of the willingness to obey the rules and those in charge, no matter what your personal beliefs and truths are in the matter. While a devotion to order is a good thing for the most part, sometimes it means we can bury too much of what makes us unique.

Is it time for you to put aside the habit of looking to another to lead you and instead look within. Trust yourself to be your own guru and guide.

2. How should I deal with what is hidden?
The Maiden
Give yourself permission to embrace your dreams and desires. It is not selfish to want to explore and learn yourself. It's time to focus on discovering the person closest to you in life, you. Start to branch out and instead of looking to those in authority, look to yourself for your answers. Know that your answers are perfect for you.
Discover your own personal limits and then decide which ones you want to keep and which ones have served their purpose and can be released with love and thanks.

3. What do I need to let go of?
Let go of secrets and gossip. Instead embrace the power that comes from truth and integrity. Let honor, truth and integrity guide your steps. Instead of gossip and division, embrace knowing that everyone is unique and no one can replace you.
Let go of the fears that are driven by ego and instead look within each person to see the spark of the Divine that resides within us all.

4. What new opportunities are available to me?
The Crone
The Crone represents freedom of choice, the freedom to be you. The freedom to explore and embrace your personal power. The opportunities open to you are limited only by you. Find your priorities and put them first, don't allow anything, age, gender, sexuality, abilities, or anything else to limit what you can achieve.

5. How do I make the most of those opportunities?
3 of Water
Take time to appreciate yourself and invest yourself in the things that are important to you. Celebrate your victories no matter what size they are. Be proud of what you have accomplished and be sure to allow yourself time to simply be joyful and celebrate you.

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