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Full Buck Moon - July 2019
This month's full moon brings with it a partial lunar eclipse. Sadly not visible from the USA but if you live elsewhere you may well be in luck.

Visible or not, this eclipse is going to have an effect on our lives and events happening around us. As always, the key to not just surviving, but thriving no matter what the planets are doing is to prepare. If you know the energy coming you can turn it to your advantage by using it to work on things that you want to achieve.

The july full moon will be focusing squarely on our emotions, our closest relationships, and their bedrock of home and family. Emotions will be rising to a peak, and you may be able to see them clearly and impartially. This is a great time to look squarely at your relationship with yourself and how you can empower yourself to face things you have been avoiding.

1. What emotion have i buried that needs to see the light?
2. How can i best honor my Divine Feminine Nature?
3. Where am I getting in my own way?
4. What change can i make here?
5. What truth that i have been ignoring that i need to see?
6. What habits am i clinging to to mask this?
7. What is one positive change i can make for me?
8. What face of the Divine is my strongest ally right now?

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