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Crystal of the Month: Labradorite

A beautiful stone with blue, green, and dark hues or rare specimens with violets or purples makes this a very unique gem. Many legends claim this stone was made from the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, which makes sense if you have ever seen this stone. The color schemes match the Aurora Borealis in an impeccable way.

If you are looking to broaden your awareness in a spiritual manner, this is it. In the meaning of Labradorite through shamanism is to help find your way through the higher consciousness. This crystal can help with psychic abilities, diving into past lives, as well as clairvoyance. I have found through research that Labradorite helps to protect and balance auras.

This crystal is great for many uses and if you have a wondering mind you can’t keep calm; this beauty is just another reason to keep in your collection. On top of everything else if you are looking to trust your decisions and yourself, have one handy, in your pocket or purse. There are several Chakras associated with Labradorite; throat, third eye, and crown.

Crystals have an amazing ability to help the body heal itself.  Some disorders that Labradorite may assist the body in healing are reduced mental awareness, helps relieve anxieties (wondering minds), helps to balance hormones, ladies with menstrual stress Labradorite is your friend. It can also help with metabolism, colds, blood pressure, digestion aid, gout, and rheumatism.

There are so many great reasons for having this crystal in your collection or just to keep on hand if you are feeling like everyday life is creeping up on you and you need guidance. If you need help with strengthening your self-faith, imagination, or transformation find a Labradorite. If you love jewelry, there are Labradorite pendants available, along with palm stones, hearts, spheres, etc. Put them at your altar; wear them on your wrist or neck. These crystals can do far more for you than you can imagine!

This article was written by a guest writer and member of the Zinzeudo Tribe, Stacy Tolbert.


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