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Color Magic: Yellow

Yellow reminds us of sunshine, feet sinking into the sand on the beach, tart, but sweet lemonade, warm breezes and lazy nights outdoors with friends. Yellow is a warm color that represents air in many magical traditions. It's one of the colors of communication, thoughts, ideas, inspiration, logic and creativity.

If you want to feel that summer warmth in the middle of a chill winter, wear yellow. Bright yellow raincoats are not only safe, they also bring warmth to a cloudy day. Or wear jewelry made with bright sunny citrine, or other yellow crystals. When you decorate with yellow not only do you add warmth to the room but you also add air, and inspiration as well as conversation and the free flow of ideas. If you don't fancy bright yellow walls, go for a more subtle deep cream color.

The Color Yellow in Magick

Yellow can be added to your magic easily, use yellow colored candles on the altar, maybe a bright yellow altar cloth. If you add crystals like citrine not only are you bringing in yellow but also the bright happy energies that are present in the stone. Other yellow crystals you could use are amber, aragonite, bowenite, topaz, calcite, yellow flourite, and yellow jasper. Adding yellow flowers as altar decorations, or even yellow fruit will also bring that sunshine energy to mind.

Yellow adds its energetic punch most effectively to magic that is related to travel and communication. Whether it is physical or astral travel, yellow will add another layer of power to your spell. Yellow is ideal for spells to help you gain knowledge, or increase your understanding of something. To add harmony to a relationship, for spirit communication, telepathy, or to help with your mental clarity and optimism. You can also use what I think of as “yellow” scents. Bright citrus oils that freshen the air around you and help clear your head.

Correspondences for the Color Yellow

Element: air

Direction: East

Number: 3

Chakra: solar plexus

Day: Sunday or Wednesday

Tools: Wand, Sword, Athame

Tarot: Knights, Sixes

Feng Shui: Uplifting, bright, cheerful, cozy.

Gods: All Sun Gods

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