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Color Magic: Pink

Pink is viewed as a very gentle and feminine color in the western world. The color of spring blossoms, love and baby girls. Pink is a calming soothing color, but at the same time, carries its own unique energizing attributes. It helps to evoke a very youthful almost childlike energy and joy. Pink is perfect for magic involving emotional love, babies, conception, tenderness, romance, youth, emotional healing, harmony, femininity, and friendship.

Pink has very similar properties to Red, but in a much gentler and more loving form.

Decorating with pink and wearing pink will help you to both relax and energize. It has been known to help soothe aggression and reduce stress. Pink can also help to suppress appetites.

Correspondences for the Color Pink

Element: fire

Direction: South

Planet(s): Venus

Zodiac Sign(s): aries,

Chakra: heart

Day of the Week: Friday

Season: Spring

Holiday: Beltane, Ostara, Spring Equinox, Imbolc

Number: 1, 0

Feng Shui: The color pink brings soothing energy to a space, but excessive use of it can cause the inhabitants to lose touch with reality.

Magical Tools: wand, cauldron

Incense: sandalwood, lavender, ginger, sweetpea, tuberose, rose, apple blossom, gardenia, jasmine, strawberry, apricot

Minerals: pink sapphire, kunzite, rose quartz, pink diamond, pink spinel, pink garnet, ruby, red jasper, emerald, peridot, aventurine

Plants: Cherry blossoms, apple blossoms

Animals: Pink iguana, flamingo, pig, pink dolphin

Tarot: seven

Deities: Venus, Aphrodite, all Deities of Love, Eos, Greek goddess of the Dawn

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