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Color Magic: Green

Many of us are attracted to the color green without being entirely sure why. I think the answer is balance. Green contains both male and female energies, so on a vibrational level it represents balance. It is fresh and vibrant and makes us think of new things, growth and beginnings. It is the color of inspiration, forward thinking and good health. It helps to calm you and it can also help to inspire you. I know for me personally I do my best writing when I am in a room that contains a healthy dose of green.

The Color Green in Magick

In magic,, green represents growth, prosperity, fertility, abundance, money, luck, rebirth, teaching, learning, peace, the environment and changing attitudes. On the slightly less positive side, it can also represent jealousy and envy. When working with these magics, go for green candles and altar cloths if you have one, add in decorations that are green. Maybe wrap green ribbon around your wand and your candle holders, green plants to add vibrant life energy to your circle.

Green gems are always a positive addition to any magical working; emeralds, peridot, jade, aventurine are all good choices that are easy to find.

If you are doing money magic then green money is always the perfect thing to have on the altar.

Green in your home.

When you decorate with green you bring in a feeling of balance and calm. Green clothing will help to bring you luck and attract money to you. Be careful of overusing green though, it can contribute to feelings of jealousy and boredom.

Correspondences for the Color Green

Elements: earth

Chakra: heart

Planet: Venus, Jupiter, Mars

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Days of the Week: Friday, Wednesday, Thursday

Tools: cauldron, chalice

Tarot: Emperor, Sevens, Aces

Deities: The Mother Goddess, Gods of Healing

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