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Color Magic: Blue

Blue Chime CandlesThe color of the depths of the seas and the mysteries of the sky. It is serene, it is relaxing and calming with just a hint of mystery about it. Cooling and soothing, blue is the perfect color for a relaxing room. Wearing blue can help you tap into your own reservoir of calm detachment in stressful situations. Be wary of wearing too much blue though, it can call up feelings of sadness and tiredness, temper it with punches of bright fiery red or yellow.

Blue OnyxBlue is the color of the throat chakra, This chakra is the center of our communications, our ability to trust and be trusted. Wearing blue, or surrounding yourself with blue can help you with being open and honest in your communications. Blue is often used for healing spells. Carving the patient's name into a blue candle, or gifting them blue clothing to wear during recovery.

In magic, the vibrations of blue can be woven into your spells with blue candles, blue altar cloths, blue clothing and blue flowers. If you are making a mojo bag, use a blue bag to infuse the entire spell with blue's calming, soothing and healing energies.

Correspondences for the Color Blue

Element: Water

Planet: Jupiter; Moon

Chakra: Throat

Deities: Hera; Poseidon; Athena; Aditi; Dyaus

Tools: Cauldron, Chalice

Tarot: Cups

Stones: azurite, turquoise, blue opal, tanzanite, lapis lazuli, sapphire, aquamarine, blue topaz

Associations: confidence, loyalty, reliability, prophetic dreams, will power, communication, sincerity, justice, truth, focus, gentle love, wisdom, faith, patience, organization, and water.

Zinzeudo has many different candles and crystals that can be used to empower your life and your spells with the vibrations of blue

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