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Emotional Balance, Abundance, Spiritual Cleansing

Citrine is a very versatile stone as it transmits positive, joyous energy in all directions.  It is suitable for nearly any occasion.  Its sunny, golden hues bring a smile and warms the heart.

Citrine is an excellent choice for releasing anger, overcoming depression and improving one’s outlook on life.   It can help clear the mind of emotional and mental clutter, allowing for more creative thinking.  By opening the pathways to increased optimism, citrine helps one to ease into the flow of life’s energies, allowing for better results in tough situations.        

Citrine is also associated with abundance, wealth and prosperity.  Its vibrant, uplifting energies open doorways to new ideas, inventions and business opportunities.  The golden tones of this crystal are often associated with gold, coin money and riches.

Powered by the Sun, Citrine energizes, warms, and cleanses.  We can all use the wonderful properties of Citrine as we battle the everyday stresses of our lives.  Many of us are caught up in the hustle and bustle and forget to take care of our energetic, let alone our physical, bodies.   Daily cleansing is best, but at the least, a cleansing during seasonal changes can help improve one’s health and vitality.

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