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August Full Moon 2018
August Full Moon 2018
Moon in Pisces

This full moon brings in a busy and eventful month for us all. Not only is there a lot of cleaning up going on astrologically after the three eclipses and the Mercury and Mars Retrogrades going direct again. But it is also The start of a new school year and the frantic pace of preparation can't help but flow over into every part of our lives.
Now is a great time for tying up loose ends. For looking at things that are going on and bringing some of them to a conclusion. That this falls at the harvest season is no coincidence, part of the cleaning up process is a harvesting of what we have planted in our lives.
This Full Moon is a wonderful time for improving yourself, your relationships, your skills and your life in general. The energies flowing in will help you make creative changes that improve your skills and grow your talents. It will also bring with it opportunities for success hand in hand with increased prosperity. Along with those will come a greater sense of security and stability.

1. Releasing – Things to let go of in your life.
3 of Air
Life teaches us, wisdom is gained through learning from life experiences. Now is a good time to start to let go of the ego driven urge to look like you know more than everyone else. Everyone that comes into our lives can teach us something if we are only willing to let go of the need to feel superior and learn from them.

2. Retaining – Things to hold close to you
3 of Water
This card is symbolic of life's victories and achievements. Take the time to look back on your life and congratulate yourself on the things that you accomplished. Our wins and our positive attitude are what keep us fueled as we take each step. Hold on to that feeling of joy and accomplishment, your victories are your impetus that will propel you into the abundance awaiting you.

3. Receiving – Things that are coming into your life.
12 of Earth
Your personal power has been growing with all of the energetic changes that the Earth has seen this year. The 12 of Earth not only announces that growth in power but challenges you to use it wisely and for the good of all, not for selfish ends.

4. Surroundings – How the world around you is affecting you
23 Integrity
It's easy in this current climate to do what everyone else is doing. The world is trying to nudge you into the back biting, blame and finger pointing that many are already doing. Is this truly you? Is this what you truly believe? Your integrity is your honor and the badge of your character. Be true to yourself and don't blindly follow the herd.

5. Giving – What you can give to others
9 of Air
The Nine of Air is our imagination, our connection to the Universal Energies, to the Divine. Most importantly, it is our connection to everyone around us and a reminder that the most valuable thing you can give to others is yourself. Where do you need to give your time and energy? Is there someone near you that needs nurturing or help with something? Consider giving your time to a cause that you hold dear.

6. Beginning – Something new that will be beginning soon.
12 of Fire
The hero in legend would ride in on the white horse and slay the dragon that was menacing the townsfolk then ride out again leaving them to a peaceful prosperous life. The hero in the modern world brings the same sweeping change but on a more global scale. There is a new wave of self awareness and community awareness sweeping through the world. People are realizing that we are all I this together and what happens to one could just as easily happen to us all. Be aware of this incoming energy and use it to clean the areas of your life you have been wanting to clean.

7. Your lesson – What you can learn from this.
4 of Air
It is time to banish clutter, clean the house, your internal and your external house. Take the time to take a long look at the beliefs and wounds you have been holding on to. Do they still serve you? Do they strengthen and enhance your life or do they hold you back? Look to the environment around you. Does it spark joy in you or are there things you want to change? Now is a great time to make these changes.

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