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Zincite for Creativity and Manifestation

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Zincite is one of the best minerals to call upon when you need a boost in creativity in the physical, emotional or spiritual realms.  It clears blocks in all three areas and directs the natural flow of energy from the universe. It calls in the supernatural force of creativity and manifestation.  Zincite helps you realize what is needed in your situation, puts definition to the solution and then helps to manifest it.  When a relationship goes sour, Zincite will assist at finding the root cause of the problem, help assemble the structure for repairing the relationship and guide in the implementation of the physical solution.  By removing emotional and spiritual blockages, it helps us re-learn how to receive all that we ask from the universe.  It also gives us the needed energy to complete what we have asked for.

Zincite is best used to open and enhance the second chakra, the chakra of creativity. All of the internal organs in the sacral region can be healed by it.  Blockage problems in the liver, kidneys and lower tract as well as the sexual organs can be cleared with the employment of Zincite.

When we first came into this lifetime, we were perfectly aware that we could ask the universe for whatever our heart desired, and know that we would receive it. We had no doubt.  In our first few years, this truth began to grow dim.  The older we became, the more we drifted from this reality.  Our elders; parents, grandparents and older siblings would tell us “that isn’t possible.”  The sad part is, we trusted their words and our supernatural vision left us.  Have you ever noticed the look of disappointment on a young boy’s face when he has just laid out his plans to fly to the moon and he is told that he can’t do it?  He is crushed beyond words.  He had a feeling of certainty about his plan because he intuitively knew that it was possible, somehow.  Now his faith in what he felt within himself is in question.  He has just learned not to trust his inner feelings.  Zincite restores the inner knowing that all things are possible.  The society taught blockage is removed, as is the self-taught blockages.  It helps you become again as a child and trust that anything is possible if you have the vision.  What is your vision for happiness in your life today? Zincite can assist in realizing it.




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