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3 Healthy Summer Habits

The summer is the perfect time to start new healthy habits that are good for your body, mind and soul.  The weather is warm and there is a buzz of vibrant energy in the air.  The Summer Solstice reminds us of the cooler months that are just ahead, so make some changes now that you can carry into the fall and winter.

 There are so many wonderful fruits and vegetables that are in season in the summer.  Try going to your local grocery store or farmer’s market and shop for what is in season and grown near by.  Forming this habit will help you spot when the stores offer produce that might be shipped in from other countries and are not in season.  Out of season produce is not meant to be consumed over the winter and may be genetically modified, or full of chemicals. 

 Taking advantage of the weather and extra sunlight by getting outside and doing things like walking, gardening, fishing, swimming, playing sports, picnics with friends, or boating.  Physical activities create chemicals in the body that help us to relax. Feeling the warmth of the sun invigorates us and makes us happy and relaxed.

Over the cooler months, we spend so much time locked up inside our houses.  The summer is all about getting out and enjoying the freedom that the season has to offer.

 Did you know by waling barefoot on the earth we can ground and cleans our spirit bodies?  Taking 20-30 minutes out of your day to feel the grass and dirt under your feet will recharge you as Mother Earth neutralizes your subtle energy bodies, helping you to release the toxic stresses of the day.

 Also, being able to spend more time outdoors in the sun, then enjoying the cooler nights allows us to reconnect to spirit.  Celebrate the phases of the moon outdoors with a bonfire and friends.  Roast marsh mellows and hot dogs and make your rituals into a party.  It’s the time of year to celebrate the outdoors!

 3 healthy habits to start in the summer

 1.)   Eat your vegetables!  Adding more vegies to your diet increase your fiber intake and improves your nutrition.  This can lead to clearer skin, a focused mind, better sleep, feeling better in general and who doesn’t want that?

2.)   Take a walk!  Circulation, strengthens the heart, helps you breathe better, you might lose some weight in the process, burns fat, creates endorphins, which helps balance hormones, helping us feel happier.  It also clears the mind, giving you time to think and connect with your higher power or the Divine.

3.)    Clean up your mess!  Take advantage of the longer daylight hours and nicer weather to de-clutter your house, garage, office, etc.  Get rid of the stuff you always say you want o get rid of when the weather is nicer.  This will help with your mood and help you feel lighter, as well as cleaning out old energies that may be stuck.  Also clean your living space or sacred space and give it a little sprucing up.  This will help you reconnect with your spiritual practice. 

    Above all, have FUN this summer!

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