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Spring Cleaning

Cleansing Detoxifying Meditation Shamanism Smudging

In last month's newsletter, I talked about a medicine man who came to the shop and was super inspirational.  Well, he returned a second time and this time he "borrowed" my white sage bundle and smudged the entire shop.  It was incredible to watch him work.  

He explained how the smoke moved indicated the kind of energy that was stuck in certain areas.  He cleared out all the energetic gunk that had been lingering and doing us no good.  We have all kinds of folks coming in and we even host meetups from time to time, so as a metaphysical store, we tend to get a lot of spiritual "dumpings" as he put it.  We have such a positive vibe going on that people unconsciously dump their energetic garbage in our shop!  Gross, right?  So now we are of the mindset of smudging thoroughly on a regular basis, as well as implementing other cleansing routines.  


Everyone has their own style of smudging, but just in case you were curious how the medicine man did it, here it is.......

1.)  Light one end of a White Sage smudge stick, or Cedar if you want to do a "deep clean."
2.)  Using a feather fan, or a single feather or your hand if you don't have a fan, waft the smoke away from you as you walk around the room.  Concentrate on the corners of the room and places wear energy seems to be stagnant, such as on top of tall bookshelves or underneath a table.  
3.)  The smoke should easily move where you send it with the wind of your fan, but if it resists a certain space by curling and swirling back toward you, then you know there is likely something there that shouldn't be there!  This is where you will want to push a lot more smoke until either your intuition says its clear, or when you see the smoke no longer resisting that space.  I suggest using your intuition because sometimes there is a lot of smoke and it may be hard to tell what direction it is going.  
4.)  Continue this process for the entire space that you wish to cleanse.  Be sure to open the windows to avoid the smoke alarm from going off!

The wise man who cleansed our place was able to see the energetic forms and was able to disperse them in his own shamanic way.  You don't need to be a shaman to cleanse and purify your home or sacred space from negative energies.  Just follow the steps above and you will feel a nice, light peacefulness in your surroundings.




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